Uno Port was Built by Higaki Naosuke

Governor Higaki
Higaki Nosuke, the governor of Okayama Prefecture had an idea to open the port in 1898, then worked on the planning in 1906. He said, “We need Uno Port as a sea gateway for Okayama Prefecture”. Modern Uno Port was opened in 1909 which was designated as the first trading port in Okayama Prefecture in 1930. Since then the port has been contributing to the development of Tamano City. You will find a bronze statue of Mr. Higaki in the Uno Port Park.

Picture of Naosuke Higaki,around 1909
送信者 宇野港散策歴史マップ
Statue of the 8th Governor of Okayama Pref, Naosuke Higaki

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