Tamano Business Establishment, MITSUI ENGINEERING and SHIPBUILDING CO., Ltd..

Tama Shipyard Co., Ltd. was established in 1937, and was renamed Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in 1942.
The area had been used for salt fields, before Tama Shipyard was established.

Corporate Info:
MITSUI ENGINEERING and SHIPBUILDING CO., Ltd. (hereinafter called “MES”) started its business in 1917 as a shipbuilding division of Mitsui and Co., Ltd. in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture.
Since then, its shipbuilding technology has been diversified, developed and extensively applied to many fields,such as production of industrial machinery production diesel engines, chemical plants construction, social infrastructure projects including bridges, logistic systems, i container cranes and environmental equipments.
The Launching Ceremony in Mitsui Shipbuilding
Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.: Tamano Shipyard always opens its launching ceremonies to the public.
Why don’t you visit the launching ceremony of a large ship to witness her birth.

By car from UNO Port 15 minutes

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Uno Port- Object of Black sea bream
Tamano lyceum, The planning under construction

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